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Life after the F-Bomb, not bad for fired news anchor A.J. Clemente

Photo Courtesy: Twitter

By now you’ve’ heard about A.J. Clemente or seen the video when he drops the F-bomb and s-bomb at the start of his news show.  A.J. was quickly fired by his North Dakota station on his first day as a news anchor.

The first time I saw the video, I felt for sorry for him.  But thanks to social media–there is a positive for this rookie in the news business.

His video has gone viral and A.J. is now a web star.  He’s living his “15 minutes of fame.”

Tuesday night he was part of Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue. (2:46 into video).  David Letterman also mentioned him.  He’s the top search name on Google, and A.J. continues to gain more and more followers on Twitter.

Wednesday, A.J. made pit stops at The Today Show, Kelly and Michael Live, and Inside Edition.




On the Today Show, A.J. was humble, apologetic and explained why those words slipped out of his mouth.  He says he had no idea he was on the air. He had no IFB (ear piece), no stage manager giving him time cues, and he was frustrated because he couldn’t pronounce a name right. When the red light on the studio camera lit up, A.J. was still looking down at his script. Here’s more from the Today show:

F-bomb anchor: Watching viral clip ’was gut-wrenching’.


There is life after a bad experience. Hopefully after all the attention dies down, A.J. will be offered another job. He can report, shoot and edit and of course…anchor.





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