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Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” Commercial Becomes a Viral Hit

Kmart is getting a lot of attention for its new ad that has gone viral.  The commercial tells shoppers to “ship their pants.” Yes, “ship” not “sh#@.”

And it doesn’t stop there.

Kmart put out this commercial to let customers know it is offering free shipping. Andrew Stein, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Kmart told Good Morning America that the commercial will air on cable television after 10pm ET. He says they are purposely putting the ad on TV during hours when kids won’t see it.

Kmart is already getting mixed reactions on its Facebook page. Some people love it and think it is hilarious, others believe it is insulting.   Adweek told GMA “Everybody can get a good laugh.”


Call it crazy or genius, but the commercial has paid off for the guy who created it . John Flannery has been promoted at his agency.




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