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Join a local social media group and expand you knowledge

Photo: Social Media Club of Dallas
Photo: Social Media Club of Dallas

I don’t know how many people ask me questions about social media: whether it’s how to start a “fan” page on Facebook to starting a blog on WordPress.  I have learned a lot about social media because, I do run some or all the social media pages for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Hispanic Communicators DFW and Society of Professional Journalists Fort Worth Chapter.

What I have learned is that everyday new social media experts pop up in the social media scene.  I’m not sure about some of “those experts.”  I’ll leave that topic for another blog.

Instead of hiring one, why not join a local social media club and meet a bunch of people with interests in different social media platforms. It’s a great way to grow your knowledge in social media and learn for free by networking.

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to be the moderator for a panel on online videos. The event was being  put on by The Social Media Club of Dallas. It was a week night and I wasn’t sure how many people to expect. Surprise! There had to be more than 100 people.

That night I met bloggers, video producers, social media managers, brand creators, and many other professionals. Each one is now a source for me when I have a question about a specific area in social media.

Tip #1-Find a social media club in your area by looking on Facebook or just “google” for one.

Tip #2-If there isn’t one, start a group on and find the people who have social media in common with you.

In the end, it’s about networking and learning more about social media.

Photo by Rebecca Aguilar
Photo by Rebecca Aguilar


Journalism is my life. I've been a reporter for 36 years. My office is the world. During my career I have been honored with 50 journalism awards and nominations. I'm also an Emmy-nominated TV commentator. I'm currently the VP of Programs for SPJ Fort Worth Chapter. I'm also the former VP of Online for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

3 thoughts on “Join a local social media group and expand you knowledge

  1. I just recently went to a conference in Las Vegas this past April called the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), and the theme for this year was social media and the impacts it had on the TV, radio, and freelance industries. It was so eye opening as to how easily you can network and use social media. Now social media is becoming a paid position at local stations. I’d never guess the impact of it would come this far, but I’m happy that we’re entering into a new era using these platforms.

  2. I think there are several media outlets trying to define the job. It’s an experiment. Writing as a social media reporter or manager is very different than writing a news story for newspaper, online, radio or broadcast. Though I do believe some of the best social media writers or editors are former broadcasters (radio/TV) because we have to write in brief. In TV and radio we only have a few seconds to get the viewer or listeners attention or they will change channels. The same applies for social media.

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