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“I Quit” YouTube video pays off, Queen Latifah offers job to Marina Shifrin

Courtesy: YouTube
Courtesy: YouTube

I told you in my last blog that I was hoping someone would see Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” video and see her creativity and courage. Well Queen Latifah noticed this young video producer’s talents and invited her on her talk show.

Marina’s video has surpassed 12 million views on YouTube as of October 3rd. Just in case you’re not one of the millions who has seen it—it’s Marina quitting her job on camera as she dances to a Kanye West song.  

Today, Marina told Queen Latifah that she has no regrets about the video “No sometimes I think you need to forcefully close one door, in order for the other to open a little bit easier.”

By the end of the segment, Queen Latifah asked Marina “So are you looking for a job?”

Marina “Yeah, do you, are you hiring?”

Latifah “I like to be surrounded by cool,creative and interesting people.”

Queen Latifah created a position for a producer of digital content, and offered it to Marina. She thought Latifah was joking.

It was no joke.

Congrats Marina!



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2 thoughts on ““I Quit” YouTube video pays off, Queen Latifah offers job to Marina Shifrin

  1. It’s great to get your take on this, Rebecca, since you have that background. My instinct told me she was right. And, after doing some research, I definitely back her up. I do my own freelance writing and focus much of my journalistic efforts on my blog. It is rewarding and it is an adventure with possibilities down the road. Marina’s story is an inspiration for all of us.

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