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Be thankful every day for everyone who makes a difference in your life

My wonderful husband & son

This year I decided to take the day off from cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We got a great meal at Boston Market, brought it home and enjoyed it together as a family. Since I didn’t have to cook over a hot stove and wash a bunch of dishes, I thought I’d sit down and talk about being thankful.

I’m thankful everyday for the people who have affected my life, past and present. And I make sure I let them know as often as I can.

Thank you to my family, especially my husband John. I would not be the success I am today if it wasn’t for his support, and for always allowing me to just be me. I don’t know how many times I have told him this year “I’m going out-of-town for a meeting” or “Sorry can’t have lunch with you this weekend I have a board meeting.” I’m also thankful to my son, Alex and “Pops” my father-in-law for just being loving people.

I’m thankful for dozens of friends who have my back through thick and thin, especially Bonnie Pardon, Joanna Hernandez, Genny Espinoza, Ann Bacchus, Saul Garza and Pam I. to name a few.

Thank you to board of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. They’re all volunteers who give their time to make NAHJ a stronger and better journalism organization. I’m also a board member and have learned a lot from leaders like President Mekahlo Medina and former president Hugo Balta.

NAHJ board & members

I’m thankful to all the NAHJ members who have been with us through good and challenging times. They are the backbone of the organization. I also appreciate everyone who voted for me to once again lead as VP of Online. Their trust and respect means the world to me.

I’m thankful to the board of the Society of Professional Journalists Fort Worth Chapter. I also serve on this board. Another group of journalists who volunteer their time to keep our business alive. We are a small board, but with the energy of a giant.

I’m thankful to all the journalists around the world who continue to push forward in this challenging business. I’m especially grateful to the journalists who put themselves in harm’s way to get to the truth, to get to the information they know the public needs to know. Whether you are a reporter in a small city or work for a major newspaper; remember our jobs matters, you matter!

The Texas Daily
The Texas Daily

I’m thankful to everyone who has kept me employed as a freelance reporter. From USA Today,  Latina Style magazine to Mercado Bilingue  to name a few.  After years of reporting car wrecks and house fires, now I can pitch stories that I think need to be told. These are stories that are often ignored by mainstream media.

It’s a nice feeling when media companies trust in what you believe are good stories. A big thank you to Phillip Morales at Mercado Bilingue who allows me to write op-ed (opinion pieces.) He realizes the voice of a Latina does matter. Also thank you KTXD-TV for hiring me to be a commentator on “The Texas Daily.” That was a dream job where I was able to freely give my opinion on “hot topics.” I was on there 13 times and nominated for a 2014 Emmy award. I’m very grateful, and sorry it got cancelled.

I’m thankful to the board of the Cara Mia Theatre. I’m fortunate to part of this group of volunteers who believe in keeping Latino theater alive. I’m proud of the work Executive Director, David Lozano. He and his team are making sure our future Latino generations will be exposed to everything from acting to screenwriting. I’m proud of the productions the theater company performs for the public. Coming soon–Zoot Suit! I can’t wait to see it myself.


Cara Mia Theatre
Cara Mia Theatre

I’m thankful for all the members of my virtual group “Wise Latinas Linked” on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you for coming on board to share your experiences, opinions, challenges, successes and advice. Together we are a powerful force. Together we can make a difference in the world of Latinas who give everyday to make us a better society. We continue being the largest Latina networking group on Facebook and LinkedIn with a combined membership of close to 8,000. Social media rocks!

Laredo High School students


Thank you to all the people have invited me to speak to their organization or students. Those who hear my message may think they are learning from me, but as I stand in front of a small or large group of people–I am constantly learning about the wonderful love of mankind. We are here for a purpose, and lets not forget that.

Lastly, I’m very thankful to my mother, Rebecca who has always shown me to have faith in God and everything will fall into place. Mom is never wrong.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Journalism is my life. I've been a reporter for 36 years. My office is the world. During my career I have been honored with 50 journalism awards and nominations. I'm also an Emmy-nominated TV commentator. I'm currently the VP of Programs for SPJ Fort Worth Chapter. I'm also the former VP of Online for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

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