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Dallas Morning News recognizes Cara Mia Theatre’s ‘Zoot Suit’ as one of the top shows in 2014

Photo Courtesy:  Cara Mia Theatre
Photo Courtesy:
Cara Mia Theatre

Congratulations to the Cara Mia Theatre company’s directors, cast, crew and design team who made ‘Zoot Suit’ a huge success. The live show has been recognized as one of the best in 2014 by the Dallas Morning News.

Arts and Entertainment reporter, Nancy Churnin named ‘Zoot Suit‘ as one of her top 10 best shows this year.  I have to agree. Ok full disclosure, I’m a board member with Cara Mia. Maybe that’s why I feel like a proud mom today. I loved ‘Zoot Suit.’ I saw it twice and it made me cry, laugh and think of how similar the storyline was to situations happening today.

As Churnin put it in the DMN:

This 35-year-old musical proved eerily apt as the rallies it depicts protesting the treatment of Latinos in the 1940s opened in the midst of rallies protesting the treatment of African-Americans. It’s part of a strong year for Cara Mía, now in the midst of its first five-play season. (more)

I know nothing about acting, and I definitely can’t sing. What I do have is a passion for keeping Latino theater alive in North Texas.  I’ve learned a lot about the theater world in my short time as a board member.  Everyone involved in these live performances is deeply committed. Three of the hardest working people at Cara Mia are David Lozano (Executive Artistic Director), Ariana Cook (Administrative Director) and Casie Pierce (Development Manager).  Thank you for your passion, energy and hard work.

Cara Mia Theatre has more live productions in 2015. Don’t miss out on the live shows. Check out the theater company’s website and see what will be on stage next. Cara Mia Theatre




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