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Jorge Ramos, Univision anchor and crew detained in Venezuela after President Maduro gets upset over tough interview

Univision’s anchor Jorge Ramos is known as one of the best interviewers in the world. Monday, he was interviewing Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. Ramos had asked several tough questions. Eventually Maduro walked off. Soon Ramos and his crew found themselves detained and their equipment confiscated. He called Univision after he and his crew were freed more than two hours later.

I have translated what Ramos had to say into English. Posted below.


We were detained for two hours inside the Palacio de Miaflores. We had an interview with leader, Nicolas Maduro. After a 17 minute interview, he didn’t like the things that we were asking over the lack of democracy in Venezuela and the torture of political prisoners. Over the humanitarian crisis that is happening. He got up from the interview after I showed him video of some people eating out of a garbage can. Shortly afterwards, one of his ministers, Jorge Rodriguez came to tell us the interview was not authorized and they took all our equipment. We have nothing. They kept the cameras. They kept all our equipment.

Anchor: And the material?

They kept the cards…yes, they have the interview. They took all our cellphones. I’m calling you from a cellphone that is not mine. We don’t have our equipment or the interview. This happened over a 2 1/2 hour period. They were interrogating us including producer, Maria Guzman. They put us in a secured room, turned off the lights, they grabbed our cellphones. They took our backpack. They kept many of our personal belongings. We just got back to our hotel. That is the situation.

This is the video that Ramos showed Maduro before he walked off. It shows several men picking through the trash looking for food in the back of a garbage truck. They’re starving. Ramos asked one of the men what he would say to Maduro. The guy responded, “As president you are useless. I’m from the streets. You’re useless, useless, useless. I want you to leave the country!.”



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