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KPIX TV News Crew is robbed on assignment, but an armed security guard fights back

An armed security guard for KPIX-TV is recovering from a gunshot, after he and the crew he was protecting were robbed at gunpoint.  Reporter Joe Vazquez and his photographer were covering the Oakland teachers strike when they were approached by two thugs.

Joe wrote on Facebook:

Thank you, friends, for your well wishes. Our guard was shot today in Oakland while we were on assignment covering the Oakland teachers strike. We believe his wounds are not life threatening, thank God. Photographer John Anglin was robbed at gunpoint. John quickly backed away from the camera and tripod and took cover inside the live truck, warning me to stay down. Gunshots rang out. Then more gunshots. Our guard believes he may have wounded the robber, but we are still working to confirm that. They got away with our camera and tripod. John and I are shaken up, but are otherwise fine. Thank you to KPIX colleagues for all your kind words.

UPDATE: After a high-speed chase that ended up in a crash, police arrested a suspect. Another suspect walked into Highland Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. He is also under arrest. Most importantly, the security guard is going to be OK. Talked to him tonight, and he is in good spirits surrounded by family and friends. I thanked him profusely for protecting us.

Joe is a friend. I am glad to know that he and his crew are doing as well as they can be under the circumstances. This is a reminder to all news crews especially MMJ’s (who travel alone) to be on the alert. Don’t be afraid to tell a producer or news director that you don’t feel safe at a location where you can become an easy robbery target.

Who would have ever imagined three adult men would be robbed in broad daylight. Joe was lucky he and his photographer had a security guard along on assignment. Just think what could have happened if they did not have that extra protection?


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