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Women who inspired at the 2019 Golden Globes: Regina King, Lady Gaga, Meher Tatna

Regina King won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by a Supportive Actress in a Film for her work in If Beal Street Could Talk.  On stage Sunday night, she challenged those with power and a platform to give more jobs to women.


The Hollywood Foreign Press Association awarded one million dollar grants to nonprofit journalism organizations: The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and Inside Climate News. The president of HFPA said it’s important to protect our freedoms.


Lady Gaga took home a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for A Star is Born. On stage she thanked her male co-producers for their support in a tough music business.


And an unknown water girl became the social media craze at the 2019 Golden Globes. The Fiji Water Girl gets the Golden Globe for “Best Photobomber” on the red carpet.

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You’re fired! Arkansas deputy gets his walking papers after caught on video shooting a dog

Screenshot: Twitter @CatieJWoodson

Fox 16 is reporting that Faulkner County’s Sheriff has fired the deputy who was caught on video shooting a small dog in Arkansas. If you haven’t seen the video you may not want to see it, because it’s hard to watch.

Here is the other shocker in this story. The deputy, Keenan Wallace, was on the K9 Unit and had a police dog assigned to him.

Screenshot: KATV 

Sheriff Tim Ryals issued a statement Saturday night about the firing of Wallace. The sheriff said the deputy had numerous opportunities to de-escalate the situation.  Ryals said:

“As a result of the incident that occurred on January 4, 2019, in the Shiloh Estates Subdivision, Deputy Keenan Wallace has been relieved of his duties at the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.”


Facebook Screenshot

Did the public’s outcry and anger on social media play a part in the Sheriff’s decision? We will never know, but no law enforcement agency likes bad press or an employee that puts them in a bad light.

Sheriff Ryals apologized to the public in his statement:

“Our Department is sadden about this incident and apologize for any distress and disappointment this incident has caused anyone who was affected by this disheartening event. We will keep Reeses inour thoughts through the recovery process.”

Now the District Attorney’s office will investigate and decide if Wallace faces any criminal charges.

The dog called “Reeses” survived. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for his medical care. The Sheriff said in his statement, “We will keep Reeses in our thoughts through the recovery process.”

Screenshot: GoFundMe
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Should the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department in Arkansas fire a deputy who shot a small dog on private property? Graphic video

Screenshot: Twitter @catiejwoodson

Let me just say this video is very hard to watch.  KARK-TV’s news director, Austin Kellerman   posted on LinkedIn about an Arkansas deputy who shot a small dog:

This disturbing video is sparking outrage on social media. What we know: a deputy in Central Arkansas shot a small dog Friday during what authorities labeled an aggressive animal call.

KFSM 5 News reported:

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office received a call about an aggressive dog in the Shiloh Estates subdivision in Conway on Friday night and sent a deputy to the scene. During the incident, the deputy fired his weapon at the dog.

The “aggressive” dog the deputy feared and shot was a small chihuahua. Again this video is hard to watch.

Today the deputy is suspended with pay.  The Faulkner Sheriff’s Department is investigating. FYI, the homeowner attempted to get the officer’s name and badge number, but the deputy covered the number on his badge.

Screenshot: Twitter @catiejwoodson

Another officer showed up and told the homeowner that the deputy “had the right to protect himself” against the small dog. The Sheriff’s department issued a statement on its Facebook page, and it has gotten a lot of angry responses.


Screenshot: Facebook
None of this looks good for the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department and people on Facebook and Twitter are letting the Sheriff know they’re not happy that a innocent dog was shot and the deputy just left her there to die.

Sheriff Ryals I’m a strong, emphatic supporter of law enforcement. That being said, after reviewing the video it’s appearent this is not a shooting of self defense or to protect the public from immenint danger. This was a result of someone losing their self control and acting with aggression to assert their dominance. Anything less than charges of animal cruelty and allowing this to be settled in a court of law will not allow true justice to be served.

Another said:

This officer is sick and should be fired before he can and will harm another human out of spite, obviously a very sick and twisted soul.

And yet another posted:

How about TRAINING the police officers better how to deal with animals. Although it does NOT seem he was ACTUALLY threatened by the dog….yes, it was more like he was being impulsive and spiteful. He should be fired… this is NOT the type of individual I would want walking around with a gun or with any sense that he is in charge of anything or anyone.

The dog called Reeses survived. It’s still confusing who owns the dog or who is taking care of her.  A GoFundMe account has been set up to pay for Reeses medical bills and care. Here’s hoping Reeses finally finds a forever family. The person who set up the GoFundMe claims Reeses was abandoned by a former neighbor.

Keep up with what the public has to say to the sheriff’s department on their Facebook page. Stay tuned.

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Keep it simple, be happy in 2019


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. Every year my goal is to be happy. Are there things I can do better? Of course. Are there good changes I need to make in my life? That never stops. Are there people I need to spend more time with on a weekly or monthly basis? The list is long. Is there something I need to take on to grow my professional world? I’m always looking.

Keep it simple.
Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals.
Be spontaneous.
Meet new people.
Try something new.
Accept no one is perfect not even you.
Stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians.
Everyday write down your ideas, thoughts and accomplishments. You’ll see why.

Be happy!

Enjoy 2019.

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Sinclair fires Chattanooga reporter who is battling cancer

Alex George: Facebook


A heartless move by Sinclair Broadcast Group that owns WTVC-TV in Chattanooga, TN. It fired WTVC reporter Alex George. The 22-year-old has been away from the station being treated for  a malignant tumor. Many of her fans and friends including talk radio host, Brian Joyce let Sinclair have it on Twitter.


Alex told her viewers on Twitter and Facebook that Sinclair decided to terminate her job.  It doesn’t look like anyone in management or Human Resources gave her a warning.

 I wanted to share that sadly I will not be returning to work at WTVC. It was not my decision and I had hoped to come back to Chattanooga to continue telling your stories. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all the good wishes and prayers y’all have sent. A piece of my heart will always be with the people of Chattanooga. (Edit clarification* Hi all, I want to clarify for those who asked. I want to assure you that treatment is going incredibly well. The decision was not made by me it was Sinclair Broadcasting, they terminated my contract.


In May, Alex made her emotional announcement that she had cancer and wasn’t going to hide it from her viewers.


At the time Alex also thanked her news director .

Goodness gracious!  Thank you to my news director, Tom for everything. And the man behind the scenes making magic. Thank you. Thank you for your understanding and for everything you have done.


Many are wishing Alex well all over social media.




Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 193 television stations. (SBG Map)

In 2017, the American telecommunications company reported a revenue of 2.73 billion U.S. dollars. (Source:


SBG could afford to keep Alex George employed while she fights to get healthy.  Sinclair’s decision can’t be good for company morale, because it appears that profits matter more than people.


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Pregnant and disabled employees were fired or denied accommodations on the job, The Cato Corporation agrees to pay $3.5 million to settle EEOC case

catoThe Cato Corporation makes money off women who buy their clothing and accessories, but now they have to pay $3.5 million for mistreating pregnant employees and those with disabilities.  An EEOC investigation found the retailer of women’s fashion and accessories denied accommodations to certain pregnant employees or those with disabilities. The EEOC said Cato made employees take unpaid leaves of absence, and or fired them because of their disabilities.

According to the EEOC,

Failing to accommodate pregnant women with restrictions and limitations violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Denying employees with disabilities job modifications, leaves of absence or returns to work as reasonable accommodations violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The North Carolina company has agreed to pay $3.5 million. According to the EECO, the money will be distributed to employees who were fired because they were pregnant or had disabilities. The company has also agreed to revise its employment policies to more fully consider whether medical restrictions of its pregnant employees or those with disabilities can be reasonably accommodated.

The company will also conducted training to more than 10,000 employees and report to the EEOC for three years.  Julianne Bowman is the EEOC Chicago District Director. She said, ” Giving employees a job modification that allows them to continue working can be a critical reasonable accommodation for pregnant women or people with disabilities when they really need that paycheck.”eeoc

The EEOC said that this was a voluntary settlement by the Cato Corporation. Read more on the case at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

Interesting facts about CATO Corporation:

  • The top executives are men and the majority of their board members are men too. >> Corporate Governance
  • The company made $842 million in sales in 2017 according to a letter to shareholders from John Cato, Chairman, President and CEO of the company.  2017 Annual Report 
  • Sales are down according to the company website’s News Releases:

    The Cato Corporation (NYSE: CATO) today reported sales for the four weeks ended December 1, 2018 of $59.4 million, down 4% compared to sales of $62.2 million for the four week period ended November 25, 2017.  Same-store sales for the month decreased 6% compared to the four weeks ended December 2, 2017.


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Reporter Alicia Barrera makes the switch to English TV news, headed to KSAT 12 in San Antonio


Alicia Barrera is doing something you don’t see happen much in television news.  The Emmy award-winning reporter is switching from Spanish-language news to English-language. She’s leaving Telemundo 40 and is headed to KSAT 12 in San Antonio. 

I met Alicia a few years ago and realized she is in television news for the right reasons.  It’s about news not about her being “on television.” Yes, some people get lost in that part of the business. 

I also admired she grew up with immigrant parents who made sure she learned how to speak proper Spanish.  It would come in handy when it was time to break into television news. 

Alicia started in English-language news in high school in North Texas when she was part of the Coppell High School news team. After graduation she went to study at Our Lady of the Lake University in the Alamo City. During an internship at the local Univision station she was able to stay on to do freelance work.  She later got a part-time job as a production assistant with Telemundo San Antonio while still a full-time student.  

She graduated from college in May 2015 and a month later she landed a full-time job as an MMJ at Telemundo 40.  For more than three years, Alicia covered a variety of breaking news stories on the border and also filled-in anchored. Along the way she won a few Lone Star Emmy awards. 

A few months ago, I heard KSAT news director, Bernice Kearney Bonner was looking for someone to fill a reporter’s job. I thought Alicia would be a great fit, but I wasn’t sure if she wanted to do English-language television.  Full transparency, Bernice and I have known each other since she was in college. She was my intern when I was at KENS-TV.
In 2018, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists honored Bernice with its presidential award. 



My goal today is to get more Latinas in newsrooms around the country. We are still “missing in action” in English-language newsrooms everywhere.  I started the Facebook group, Latinas in Journalism to help open doors.  It’s a place where news managers can find Latina journalists from those coming out of college to veterans with several years under their belts. 

I asked Alicia if she was interested in going to San Antonio.  She knows how to shoot and edit her own stories. She does excellent  “Facebook Lives.” I thought I’m sure she can do it in English too. I asked Alicia to put together a video reel (audition video) in English and the rest worked out.  Alicia starts this month as a reporter at KSAT 12. 

I am not a TV agent. I’m just a freelance reporter who volunteered my time and efforts to help a fellow Latina journalist get a better opportunity with a top-notch boss. I hope I encourage other journalists to open doors for other in the business. News managers don’t know what they are missing if you don’t put the person in front of them. 

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