I love to blog as much as I like to write news.  But I think blogging is different, because I feel like its more like a conversation I’m having on different topics.  I can be a little more relaxed and have an opinion on issues that are not part of a news report that I am doing.  I think if you don’t have a blog now–you should find your passion and write about it.

Here are my blogs:


Wise Latinas Linked is a blog that concentrates on issues pertaining to or about Latinas. I started this blog after the quick success of the group I formed on Facebook in 2009 called Wise Latinas Linked.

The Best Crafters is just a fun blog. It’s nice to have a hobby and mine are everything from knitting to sewing. It’s better than taking up something unhealthy. This blog is for crafters who creative and artistic.  I credit this blog for inspiring to become a contestant on the Michael’s craft store competition “Craft Masters.

Former Blogger:

SPJ Diversity Blog: I managed the blog for the National SPJ Diversity Committee for more than a year (Sept. 2011-Sept. 2012).  I was also the vice chair of the committee and contributed to the blog.  We covered  issues pertaining to diversity in news coverage and newsrooms.

SPJ Digital Media Blog:  I was on this committee for two years (Sept. 2009-Sept. 2011) and blogged on topics about digital media and how to use the tools.  I was the vice chair of the committee in Sept. 2010- Sept. 2011.  I helped co-author two Digital Media Handbooks.  The books were a huge success with more than 19,000 downloads.

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