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10 Goals to Keep it Simple in 2016

By now most people have a long list of resolutions for 2016. My advice is to keep your resolutions or goals simple and doable.

Here is my short list.



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Travel Europe with an open mind and heart

Visiting the Coliseum
Visiting the Colosseum with my son

I just spent 14 days in Europe. My husband and I saved up for this trip for 10 years. Thanks to credit card points we had collected we were able to take our son on the trip.

Before I went to Europe I asked for tips from my friends on places to see in Paris, Venice, Rome, and London. I got some awesome advice.  I will keep the list forever.

I also got a lot of warnings about pick pockets in Italy, and rude people in France who would refuse to speak in English, and cab driver who would jack up the prices.

I went to Europe with an open mind and heart.

The people in France were charming and kind.  I must have had the “pick pocket” repellant on because they did not approach us in Italy. One cab driver outside the Vatican did not have a meter, but he was fair when he took us to our hotel.

My advice, don’t walk around looking like a “paranoid wanna-a-be victim.”  Whether I’m in the U.S. or a foreign country, I’m always aware of my surroundings but I also enjoy myself.

When I’m out discovering, I don’t bury my face in my cellphone. I don’t walk around looking down at my feet. I walk like I own it. My body language says “I belong here.”  I also smile at people. Sometimes they smile back and sometimes they don’t. But at least I look like I enjoy life.

I met a lot of Europeans and Americans during my vacation. Most times I would start the conversation. Everywhere I went I met people from Texas and right from my backyard in Dallas.

I’ll be sharing my experience in Europe in the coming days and weeks. And most of you know me, I do everything on a budget.