Sacramento family member murder, family attacks news crew

Sacramento story on news. 

Reporter attacked during crime story coverage. The dogs. 

Court house stories and attack on press

TV Crew on Court story. 

Megan Olson’s racist tweet about Mexicans got her fired. She tweeted after a customer did not leave a tip for her at a local restaurant. 


When she got backlash on Twitter she moved on to Facebook.



Dallas weatherman’s got fired from local radio station after making blunt comments on Facebook. Bob Goosman did not like that several mothers of African-American young men killed by police officers were given an opportunity to speak at the Democratic National Convention. 




Worker fired from Chicago zoo after social media post.

Iowa State Twitter handle with a bunch of passed out students.

Handle reads: You Passout, Your friends take a picture, We let campus enjoy it. To the nights we don’t remember. We have nothing better to do. #ISUPassouts #PartyOnPeople


Atlanta man gets fired over post of co-workers son on Facebook.


Alex Bloomers Facebook rant about lazy millenials got her 44 million views. She is still trying to break into TV news. 


Racist Mexican who was also paid intern tweets and gets fired in Arizona.


Emily Austen, Fox Sports contributor gets fired in Florida over derogatory comments about Mexican, Chinese and Jewish people. She made her comments on Facebook live. 

Video of Austen rant (1:35)



KSU Sorority Girl defends blackface on SnapChat gets slammed on Twitter.


Would you want to hire someone who makes comments like this? Would you feel safe being around a person who posts about suicided? 



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