The best consultants are people who have worked the streets as reporters for years. They are people who know what to do when they land at a breaking news location and have to “go live” within minutes. They are also the individuals who know  ow to make non-visual story interesting for the 6 p.m. news.

That’s me. I don’t talk in theory. I talk in reality.

There many news consultant today that have not been in the field in decades.  Many have no idea what it is like juggling reporting AND social media responsibilities while on assignment. I do, because I am still a reporter.

I will not teach something I have not done myself.  Today, I’m a freelance multimedia reporter, but I always have time to teach other journalists to be the best out in the field.


  1. Hi, my name is Shahael Myrthil. I am a junior in college pursuing a career in journalism. I wanted to know what are the hourly rates for coaching lessons ? My email ( if you want to discuss the services you offer & the prices) is

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