News Coach

Football teams need coaches, right? Well news teams need coaches too.

Yes, just like a football team has a coach to help them win a game; I’m here to help news teams win ratings.  I think some of the best news consultants are those who are still hitting the streets—doing what they are teaching. As you know, I’m still a reporter today on a freelance basis. Now I have the time to work with fellow journalists.

There are so many consultants out there, but they don’t know what it’s like to be a reporter in today’s world. You know what I’m talking about.  One-man-bands, reporting and juggling social media.  I know journalism today is not like the days when we only had to report.  We didn’t have to blog or shoot our own stories and “friend” people on Facebook.

  • How can someone teach you how to do a live shot if they don’t have the experience doing it?
  • How can someone teach you how to approach grieving parents when they haven’t knocked on a door?
  • How can someone teach  you how to find sources if they rarely left the newsroom?

I will not teach something I have not done myself.  Today, I’m a freelance multimedia reporter, but I always have time to teach other journalists to be the best out in the field.

  1. Hi, my name is Shahael Myrthil. I am a junior in college pursuing a career in journalism. I wanted to know what are the hourly rates for coaching lessons ? My email ( if you want to discuss the services you offer & the prices) is

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