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Geraldo Rivera calls news a “flirty business”, and tweets guidelines on when women should report sexual harassment. No joke.

Screenshot: Facebook

Fox News is distancing itself from Geraldo Rivera, one of its high profile correspondents.

Rivera got on Twitter and gave his opinion on the firing of Matt Lauer, sexual harassment and even came up with suggestions on when women should come forward and speak out on being sexually harassed.

Let me warn you, what Rivera has to say is going to make you angry, especially if you are a woman. Believe me, I have steam coming out my ears.

The 70-year-old called Matt Lauer, the fired Today Show anchorman a, “great guy, highly skilled…real gentleman to my family and me.” Lauer has been accused of sexually harassing several women.

I’m not sure what that has to do with sexual harassment.  Rivera went on say, “News is a flirty business…”

Wait is that suppose to justify sexual harassment in the workplace?


River then gave his definition of sexual harassment, making it sound like some accusers may be taking out some kind of revenge on former bosses or ex-husband or boyfriend.

“Shouldn’t be used to get even w bad bosses or hated ex’s.” tweeted Rivera.


When women on Twitter suggested an all female morning show Rivera said “unacceptably retro.”

There you go another man telling us what we can and cannot do.


Things got worse when Rivera decided to tell women when we should come forward if we have been sexually harassed.

He even came up with guidelines.


Once again he called the news business “flirty.”

As a journalist for more than three decades I am insulted by this comment. I insulted by all of his tweets.

Do we meet people in this business and marry them? Yes, I did. That does not mean I was “flirty.”


Finally after Rivera was slammed hard on Twitter, he did apologized.


Rivera made journalists look bad, victimized the victims again, and as a Latina also embarrassed my people.

Fox News didn’t like what he had to say on Twitter. In a statement obtained by Deadline Fox stated:

Geraldo’s tweets do not reflect the views of Fox News or its management. We were troubled by his comments and are addressing them with him.


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2016’s Best National TV Journalists: Jake Tapper, Gretchen Carlson, Tom Llamas, Jim Acosta



Brave, bold, fearless and fair is how I would describe the four national TV news anchors and correspondents I have chosen as my best for 2016. As journalists we should all want to model after the work done by Jake Tapper, Gretchen Carlson, Tom Llamas and Jim Acosta. In a business that is challenged by fake news and “wannabe news celebrities” these four journalists are the real “truth seekers.”



If you want to learn how to be a great interviewer, all you have to do is watch Jake Tapper every day on CNN.

He uses solid facts to push for the truth and doesn’t allow anyone to add spin to an answer. Whether he is talking to a politician or someone who happens to be where news is breaking, Jake digs deep and peels off the layers.

Thanks Jake for teaching journalists how to do an interview with determination and class.




Gretchen Carlson changed life for women in TV news.

In 2016, she exposed sexual harassment in the newsroom and on the way took down one of the most powerful men in the business AKA Roger Ailes. He had all the power to do what he wanted when he ran Fox News and he did just that. Under his rule, women had to be beautiful, wear body hugging dresses, shorten the hems and show lots of leg when on-air.


But when Ailes’ power turned to sexual harassment, Gretchen skillfully planned how to expose him. She filed a lawsuit. Her former co-workers at Fox News, including several women turned on her. Shame on them! Not even current Fox princess, Meygan Kelly had the courage to speak up until she had to especially when it was time to promote her book.


Eventually Ailes was shown the door with a 40 million dollar paycheck, and Gretchen settled too. Thank you Gretchen for giving women in news the courage to stand up, speak up in our newsrooms even if it means losing a job. We do matter more!




Jim Acosta of CNN and Tom Llamas of ABC News lived out of suitcases during the 2016 presidential campaign covering Donald Trump’s every move. They were unstoppable as they pursued the facts even when Trump and his supporters aimed their angry, ugly words and actions at them.


To become a good reporter you have to be fearless when seeking the truth.  Well Jim and Tom proved they don’t get angry or even, they just get the job done.



Jim and Tom are also two of the few Latinos covering the political beat on a national level. They are role models to many Latino/Latina journalists coming up the ranks.


Tom and Jim thank you for showing us journalists to push forward when a wall of angry words hit you right in the face from all angles.



Who will be the best in 2017? Stay tuned.

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Jesse Watters thought viewers would laugh at his racist Fox News report on Chinatown, now he’s apologizing

Jesse Watters is apologizing tonight on Twitter for a report he thought was clever and funny on Fox News. But it was actually insulting, sick humor, and stereotyped people in the Chinese community.


Jesse Watters claims he is a “political humorist” but his report in Chinatown in New York City on Monday night had little to do with politics. At one point he asked a merchant selling watches “I like these watches. Are they hot?” What does that have to do with politics?

As a journalist, I support the stand taken by the Asian-American Journalist Association (AAJA). The organization wants an apology from Fox News. Paul Cheung, the president of the organization wrote the following on the organization’s website:

It’s 2016. We should be far beyond tired, racist stereotypes and targeting an ethnic group for humiliation and objectification on the basis of their race. Sadly, Fox News proves it has a long way to go in reporting on communities of color in a respectful and fair manner.

Host Bill O’Reilly called the segment “gentle fun.” There was nothing gentle or fun about it. It was rude, offensive, mocking, derogatory and damaging.



I mentor many young journalists, and speak to dozens of journalism college classes every year. Watters is sending the wrong message to those who want to do TV news. His offensive reports and he has done many, send the message that it is OK to use the airwaves to humiliate and stereotype people of color and hide it all behind the excuse of “humor.”

Watters needs to apologize on the O’Reilly Factor, the same show seen by  millions of viewers when he offended the good people of Chinatown. And shame on the Fox News producers and Bill O’Reilly for allowing this racist report to air on Monday night.

No one is laughing!

Once again, you know there was probably not one Asian-American or Asian in the producer’s circle at Fox News to put up a challenge.

“Fair and balanced?” You decide.


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Fox News On-Air Clinic and NPPA Boot Camp at 2014 NAHJ Convention

Photo courtesy:  Saul Garza, Fox 4 News
Photo courtesy:
Saul Garza, Fox 4 News

Fox News and NPPA are bringing their expertise to the NAHJ convention next week. They will be holding a clinic and boot camp for those registered.

Fox News is offering an on-air clinic. Learn some of the best tips in the broadcast business from Fox News professionals. Sign up to get a one-on-one session. Here’s the link–make your appointment now.

NPPA is offering a photojournalism boot camp. Learn how to use photos,video and audio to produce great multimedia projects. Get there early on Thursday, August 7th. Your NAHJ convention registration will cover the cost of this workshop for you.

In journalism you constantly have to grow and that means watching and learning from the best. For veterans in the business, a refresher course is always a good thing.

See you at the convention. Don’t forget you can still register in person. For more on our convention visit

Rebecca Aguilar
NAHJ VP of Online

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TV host walks off set during Michael Sam’s “kiss” debate and is invited to Fox News

Screenshot: The Broadcast
Screenshot: The Broadcast

Amy Kushnir’s life changed overnight.  The stay-at-home mom turn TV host became the target of haters on social media this week, but now she’s headed to talk on Fox News.

Tuesday, her Dallas television station posted a video of her walking off the set of her show The Broadcast. Haters started pounding Kushnir and co-host Suzy Humphrey’s viciously on social media.

The controversy actually started on Monday, when the pretty blonde unleashed her disappointment in ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend after he was drafted into the NFL. Kushnir  and Humphreys verbally duked it out with the other co-hosts about the “kiss.” Here’s Monday’s video- Instagram



#AmyKushnir defends her point-of-view on @ESPN coverage #MichaelSam "kiss"

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My gut tells me producers were looking for ratings and that’s why they continued discussing Sam on Tuesday. The show needs help to stay on the air. According to Dallas media critic, The Broadcast gets on a good day just over 400 viewers.

Tuesday the conversation got louder and louder about Sam’s public affection on TV. Suddenly, Kushnir quietly picked up her papers and the video tells the rest the story…

TV host #AmyKushnir walks off set during heated debate about #MichaelSam "kiss" on #ESPN

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Once the video was posted, got it.  Hundreds maybe thousands on social media started attacking Kushnir and Humphrey’s for their views. They were called every ugly name you can think of.  I just find it surprising that KTXD posted the video. They had to go know the haters would surface once they saw the video.

Today Kushnir was not on The Broadcast because she was headed to Fox News to be interviewed by Megan Kelly. Another group of co-hosts will be on Hannity on Fox.

My sources at the KTXD-TV say Kushnir doesn’t have much television experience. Just a few months ago she was a stay-at-home mom who blogged about food.

I’ve watched Kushnir for several months and I must admit she does a decent job on cooking segments and fashion shows.  But her walk of the set proved that she doesn’t have the experience yet to handle controversies, heated debates, and hot tempers.  Hopefully KTXD will give her the training she needs


I’ve been a broadcaster for 32 years. When you’re paid to give your opinion on TV, you have a bigger responsibility to the station and the viewers. The airwaves should always be used to educate and empower, not to discriminate or to hate. Those are also my views on social media.

FYI, I used to work at KTXD-TV on a different television show. I met Amy Kushnir one time and she was very kind and friendly.  I also met Suzie Humphreys and she too was kind, friendly and outspoken.