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Who is using what social media in 2016

Social media is part of our lives and for many of us it is part of lives at work. Can you afford not to be on social media?

These 2016 infographics by Global Media Insight  give you an update on who is using what, which platform rules, and how males and females have their favorites. It is smart to be on one or many social media platforms if you run your own business, operate a nonprofit or want to build your personal brand and reputation. Check out these statistics.














Now after looking at all the people using social media can you afford not to be on one or all of these platforms?

Visit for more information on other social media networks.


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Millennial shames her generation ‘not contributing anything to society’

Alexis Bloomer accuses her generation “The Millennials” of not having any manners, being lazy, fans of obscene music that degrades women, idolizers of people like Kim Kardashian, and self entitled.

Bloomer describes herself as a journalist. I’m not sure if she’s done news but her social media shows off her numerous rodeo show interviews and many modeling photos.

Her message posted on April 22 on Facebook is powerful but not really fair to young people. I’m sure many millennials aren’t going to like it.

Roll the video.


Bloomer wrote on her Facebook:

Disclaimer: I know that not all of Millennials are bad, when I posted this I had just watched as a young man stepped in front of a limping elderly man and didn’t hold the door open for him, it made me think…This video was not intended to offend anyone, in fact, it shouldn’t offend anyone unless you’re guilty of doing any of these things. The beauty of Facebook is that you can scroll past something you don’t like. I guarantee MOST of you that liked/shared/commented on this video do not have a problem with anything I said in this video because you don’t do any of these things. Also, I had 3 guys staring in my passenger window making funny faces as I posted this…So I apologize for the distraction (I’m ADD). I hope that when you watch this, you listen to the underlying message and don’t take it as an insult.

Alexis Bloomer it took guts to post what you had to say online.  I think it will make many millennials sit back and think about it. Thanks for sharing your message.

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WVNS-TV News anchor Dan Thorn’s dance moves go viral

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

When I saw Dan Thorn‘s videos on YouTube, I thought this guy likes to have fun.  The WVNS-TV news anchor doesn’t sit around looking through his scripts during a commercial break, he cuts loose.  He can dance and lip sync at the same time.

Who says news people are always serious. Not Thorn who has a lot of personality.

His co-anchor is more on the serious side, but he even gets her to crack a smile.


He even made CNN for his dancing.

Can you imagine Anderson Cooper, Matt Lauer or even Scott Pelley doing this?  Yeah, I didn’t  think so.  I can’t wait to Thorn’s next video. Stay tuned.



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Apollos Hester: Texas high school football player who will make you feel unstoppable

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

Apollos Hester is not just any high school football player. This Texas teenager has a future as a motivational speaker.

Apollos was pumped up after Friday night’s football game when his team, East View Patriots beat the opposing team 42-41. In a post-game interview he told reporter, Lauren Mickler that his team started slow, but they knew they were going to finish fast.

Apollos didn’t stop there, he spoke from the heart saying “it’s an awesome feeling when you know you’re truly going to be successful.”

Watch the video, and get inspired.



Maybe I’ll send this video clip to a few news managers who could learn a thing or two about motivating their news team.

I predict you’ll be seeing a lot of Apollos Hester in the coming days on talk shows and morning shows. Well that’s if it doesn’t interfere with his football schedule.

Nice job Apollos and thanks for reminding us we can all be a success!





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Lisa DeJardins out at CNN, but she has the last word on video

Screenshot Photo: YouTube
Screenshot Photo: YouTube

CNN’s Lisa DeJardins lost her job on Capitol Hill. The cable network decided to eliminate her position. Was she bitter? Was she angry?

DeJardins was classy in her goodbye video and even took a few sweet jabs saying “I’m sorry that CNN has decided to eliminate my reporter position on the Hill and cut back on congressional coverage. Of course, I’m also sorry that Congress is such a complete mess right now, but maybe that means that we should watch them more closely.”

It can’t be easy losing such a prestigious job in D.C. DeJardins hasn’t been the only one at CNN to go out the door. She even took a closer look at a pattern in the goodbye emails from her former colleagues.

DeJardins’ video departure is not only classy but funny. Here’s hoping someone else will offer her a job.



As expected, her YouTube video has brought out the CNN critics. The classy correspondent continues to keep it classy even in her responses.

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

Good luck Lisa!


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UNT Rap Anthem more than just one clever and catchy tune

UNT_RAPHire these rappers! That’s what I would say to every college and university president in the U.S.

Someone posted this video on my Facebook page. It was produced by students at the University of North Texas in Denton. The UNT Rap Anthem- (Official Unofficial) is catchy and clever.

UNT should hire these marketing geniuses. What a great way to recruit new students to the school.

Awesome video.

Congrats to the producers: Steve Meehin, Desmond Thomas, & Caleb Ward and the rest of your UNT team.

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“I Quit” YouTube video pays off, Queen Latifah offers job to Marina Shifrin

Courtesy: YouTube
Courtesy: YouTube

I told you in my last blog that I was hoping someone would see Marina Shifrin’s “I Quit” video and see her creativity and courage. Well Queen Latifah noticed this young video producer’s talents and invited her on her talk show.

Marina’s video has surpassed 12 million views on YouTube as of October 3rd. Just in case you’re not one of the millions who has seen it—it’s Marina quitting her job on camera as she dances to a Kanye West song.  

Today, Marina told Queen Latifah that she has no regrets about the video “No sometimes I think you need to forcefully close one door, in order for the other to open a little bit easier.”

By the end of the segment, Queen Latifah asked Marina “So are you looking for a job?”

Marina “Yeah, do you, are you hiring?”

Latifah “I like to be surrounded by cool,creative and interesting people.”

Queen Latifah created a position for a producer of digital content, and offered it to Marina. She thought Latifah was joking.

It was no joke.

Congrats Marina!