I live and breathe news.

This June 2016 marks 35 years of me beating the pavement as a reporter.  I can honestly say it’s the best job ever.

I’ve been where history happens. I’ve covered the good, bad, and ugly.  Today I’m just as passionate about being a reporter as when I started in the business.  I enjoy being a freelance reporter, because there is a freedom to being able to pick and choose the stories I believe do make a difference in the life of others. Whether I’m writing about Latino issues for USA Today or a sharing social media “do’s and don’ts” for, I enjoy covering different topics.

In 2008, I transitioned from television to multimedia reporter.  I went back to college to learn everything web: web design, blogging, and social media. I’m about keeping current in our business.  We no longer just report the news, but in many cases we shoot our own video, edit our own video, use social media to let people know about our stories.   My advice to all reporters: Don’t be left behind, learn the tools to make you the best!

I’ve also added TV commentator to my resume. There’s nothing like giving your opinion on the “hot topics” of the day as I did on the program, The Texas Daily.


  • Worked in television news for 29 years.
  • 50 awards and nominations for my journalism work, including several Emmys.
  • Investigative story forced federal government to create policy involving workers turn registered sex offenders.
  • Investigative story helped shut down a foster care placement center after three children were killed.
  • Investigative story helped uncover corruption by school board members and ultimately shutdown a school district.
  • Investigative story revealed medical abuse of veterans at the Dallas VA Hospital.
  • Current VP of Online with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.
  • Current VP of Membership with the Society of Professional Journalists, Fort Worth Chapter.
  • Former Vice Chair of National SPJ Diversity Committee and SPJ Digital Media Committee.
  • Current member of Hispanic Communicators DFW and on social media team.
  • Former visiting instructor at the Poynter Institute for “Power Reporting.”
  • Panelist at conferences for IRE, NAHJ and UNITY.
  • Freelance for different online news sites.


The Heart Gallery from Rebecca Aguilar on Vimeo.

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