About me

On Fuente Latina Fellowship in Israel in May, 2017

I live and breathe news.

This year I am celebrating 36 years as a reporter. I have covered many interesting stories: the Los Angeles riots, Mickey Mantle’s funeral, two Super Bowls, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster over Texas, Selena’s murder and funeral, and many natural disasters.

I have also interviewed many interesting people: politicians, celebrities, U.S. Presidents, sports legends and stars, and even serial killers. My stories have put people in jail, shutdown corrupt businesses and school districts, and changed federal policies.

Today I’m just as passionate about being a reporter as when I started in the business in 1981.  Now I enjoy being a freelancer. I have the flexibility to pick and choose the stories I think will make a difference for others.

My current and past employers:

RESUME:  Rebecca Aguilar/LinkedIn


I am also attending the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX.  I am studying for my masters in journalism, because I would like to teach in the future at a four-year university or community college.

I also have extensive education in multimedia. In 2008, I began attending Richland College. I learned how to code, design websites, and use digital tools to edit video.



  • Worked in television news for 28 years.
  • 50 awards and nominations for my journalism work, including several Emmys.
  • Investigative story forced federal government to create employment policy involving workers turn registered sex offenders.
  • Investigative report helped shut down a foster care placement center after three children were killed in three separate foster homes.
  • Investigative story helped uncover corruption by school board members and ultimately the school district was shut down.
  • Investigative story revealed the medical abuse of veterans at the Dallas VA Hospital. Veterans were used as “guinea pigs” for plastic surgery procedures.
  • Current VP of Programs for the Society of Professional Journalists, Fort Worth Chapter.
  • Former visiting instructor at the Poynter Institute for “Power Reporting.”
  • Panelist at conferences for IRE, NAHJ, UNITY, NABJ, TAB, TIPA and EIJ

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